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The Daleri Dark template488彩票网站注册手机下载二维码

March 16th, 2011

Sample image This is the Daleri Dark template. It was built from a classic WordPress theme with the same name, a theme which had a somewhat unique feature when it was originally released: two widgetized areas inside the header image. This HTML/CSS version of the design is simplified, but it still contains most of the CSS from the original theme with a few additions and modifications. Styles for a search box, comment form and the two widget areas are included, as well as image alignment classes. Feel free to port this template to other content management systems, as well as to a new WordPress theme. For now, the classic theme is available through the above link.

This template is free to use and free to modify as needed. For more free templates, themes, tutorials and related content, go to andreasviklund.com.